Marketing Idea No. 1 – Creating a specialized outsourcing business

According to Peter Drucker, the management guru, every business has two basic functions : innovate and market. The rest they can outsource.

Outsourcing is big business in western countries, but not here. Here we make the mistake of controlling all aspects of our business. But apart from basic marketing, we can outsource the procurement, manufacturing and finance,  not to mention HR and IT activities to third parties who can manage this business on our behalf. That will help companies to focus on the core aspect only – creating and marketing great products.

Organizations who can benefit from this idea

All the IT companies in Bangladesh can approach the big organizations like Grameenphone and manage their entire IT operations. Again Head Hunting agencies like Monwar Associates can broaden their scope and look after the entire HR operations of a particular company.

The learning is we can create a new company who will not manage their business, but manage other people’s business on behalf of them. This is a vacant area that must be explored



  1. I understand the concern you are talking about, this can be a promosing new field everyone should be exploring right now. But my question is, don’t you think in a country like Bangladesh outsourcing IT/HR by any company can create a new concern of unemployment?

  2. Not necessarily. The employees will be transferred from the core business (Lets say IT employees of Fortune Group) to the third party outsourced business ( Any agency who will manage the IT business on behlaf od Fortuna). So none really loses job.

    On the other hand, since outsourcing itself will be a whole new sector, a lot of new employments positions will open up for people who are entering job market

  3. Actually more people are hired if we outsource the work. The reason is very simple. Outsourcinf can create new job opportunities. For example: It will be really hard for a company to manage 800 manpowerd call center as this is only a support function for him. However if we outsource it, to a company who is skilled in this particular work, it will surely employ 1k people. Now with me wihout having to think about all the future call center expansion details, i can just plan to outsource newer versions of call centers (i.2. healthline etc) & this will create new style call centers.

    Moreover this creates the need for new job category in the industry.

    yes the third party may not be intersted to hire fortuna people. However they need to ensure the same quality service to Fortuna Group. Now if 3 people of this new companycan work like the 5+ people of Fortuna then the business interpretation will surely be Fortuna was overmanned in that particular sector.

    But the industry trend is the outsourced companies actually employs more people with less pay (because they just cant let the service to the main company hampered due to insufficient manpower).

    Just think about three of emerged silent outsourced sector in the country 1. Driver & cars, 2. Cleaning and 3. Security. More and more people are involved in these jobs today. The outsourcing opportunities actually created the market for this service. The same may happen for IT sectors as SMEs (who does not have a proper IT, or 1/2 manpower IT) will be more intersted in this type of service.

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