Marketing Idea 6 – Sound Branding – Create brand exposure through sound

Everyone is saying that media is getting cluttered. True, but only regarding the amount of media exposure we see.

The prospect might be turned off by too many things to see. That leaves us with an option of letting him “hear” the brand – not only see it. And that is what Sound Marketing is all about. It is about creating identity based on sound, and market it to the extent that every-time prospect hears the sound, it amounts to 1 brand impression. 

In a city full of billboards, this might be the perfect strategy. Remember the Nokia message Beep tone? Well, who doesn’t?  How about the Windows OS start up tune when computer opens? How many of you recognize the Airtel theme, one that is prepared by A.R. Rahman? These are all powerful Sound Marketing examples, one that has broken conventional media wisdom and created instant brand impressions that will be hard to match.  In recent years, consumer purchase decisions have become more weighted towards emotional attributes rather than functional benefits. Music is a powerful medium that can bring the emotional qualities of products and services to life and help activate a Brand promise. In that respect, Sound Marketing serves dual purpose. It helps break the clutter by appealing to a totally different sense (the ear) with the brand message, also it helps the brand to emotionally connect with the customer. In an insanely visually crowded society, this might be the sanest media choice. 

 Organizations that might benefit from this idea

Big brands – Lux, Close Up, Dettol….where is your sound identity? Isnt it about time you have one? 


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