Marketing Idea No. 69 – Connect your brand personality with your audience personality

Your brand must connect to the audience and your audience must identify with the brand. And that is where your brand personality can play a big role.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is brand personality?

Lets see an example of our favorite local super heroes and in terms of their box value. In recent times all 3 major super heroes – Batman, Spiderman and Superman had a movie released. But not all of their box office fate was the same. While Spiderman 1,2 and 3 all three of them have written and re-written box office records – Batman Begins and Superman returns have not reached the height Superman has set. Although there are many reasons behind it ( fantastic marketing super distribution of Sony pictures) – one stand out reason was how much the audience can identify with the characters.

 Superman is an alien from outer space and have problems with kryptonite. Batman is filthy rich and is trying to come in terms with his dark side. Both these brand characters have personality traits that mass people can never identify with. But think of your friendly neighborhood hero Spiderman. He is an average guy whose problems include conflict between work and social responsibility and frequently have girl troubles. Plus, he seems more like a naïve person who is trying to do good for himself and people he loves in his own way – rather than an infallible super hero. Now that, many people can identify with.

If your audience can identify and empathize with your brand through its personality – it only assures great success. That’s why its not a co-incidence that the success of these 3 movies are related to the brand appeal of each of these characters. They are very much related.


So now, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important do you think your brand personality is?




  1. No doubt about it.. but are we following that! Its it very true that we aspire to be the one we see in advertisements but if that is a distant case in terms of our social & cultural aspect can we take it? How long do we remember that? Is it with pleasant feeling or with just a feeling of liking but will never be able to reach. Sky is the limit,but to reach there reality must not be ignored…
    If we look into the perspective of Bangladesh then we must look into the target group, present a brand in accordance to the social and cultural beliefs which helps the target to keep the brand deep in heart..

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