Marketing Idea No. 130 – If beauty lies in presentation, where on earth are the packaging materials?

Like a ghost from the past that never lets go, the wrapping paper business in the country has successfully haunted us for decades. While we only sigh seeing the beautiful christmas gifts in TV, wrapped in even more beautiful wrapping papers, we often wonder why we have to stick with the ancient “Red” glitter paper for so long! Have doubts? Just see all the wedding gifts that is there stacked on your table, and tell me if anyone of the gifts stands out due to beautiful wrapping.

Wouldnt it be great if we could have a specialized brand that can give us beautiful wrapping papers for all seasons and all reasons? Wouldnt it be greater if the wedding gifts could come in beautifully pre-packaged manner and we could pick them in “Wedding Gifts” section just like a greetings card? That would have been great for most of us, who hurry along and buy our gifts on our way to the wedding. If we knew we can get the gifts bought in a less than 10 minute shopping sprint, that would probably rescued us from a lot of skirmishes that results when the women take a lot of time in getting ready!

There is a significant opportunity for value addition in the gifts and gift-wrapping category.


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