Marketing Idea No. 151 – A Branded Doll and the Doll culture

While Barbie doll is a cultural icon that stands the test of time, its also a testament of a foregone marketing opportunity on our part.  

If any country in the world that needs to be known for its doll-culture it should be us. The females of the society are born and brought up with the 1 feet tall playmates by their side. Not only that, the rituals of one doll getting married to another one is also our unique invention, and a socializing tool that kids use.   

Considering these facts, its baffling to see not a single iconic doll or branded dolls in the country.  In the west, Barbie is not only a plaything but a role model for young girls. That’s why as the Barbies of yesteryears showed tendency of getting all dressed up as the only source of amusement and aspiration, after women starting to join workforce, we see barbies also showing unity in that process. Now we see the Doctor Barbie, the Model Barbie, the Lifeguard Barbie and many many more. In this way Barbie not only stayed relevant to girls of all decades, but also stayed as a pop-culture icon that projects the aspirations of the fairer sex in the patriarchal society.  

Remember the success of Meena? Why cant that be replicated on a more commercial space? The dolls of our country is beautiful, but found scattered in all market places. So its not a question of product. It’s a question of creating a unique doll brand, sort out the distribution and create an aspirational and amusing doll culture that will not only earn profits but also help in the ongoing female liberation movement. Who will take that initiative?



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  2. Agreed. It is a very good idea. My question is – do you think it would be possible to manufacture a doll of this kind (and build the brand) locally at a cost which is affordable to the mass market? If so, it would be beneficial all round.

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