Marketing Idea No. 159 – Home support service marketing

These days we see a lot of corporate support services. One group is supplying the cleaners, one is doing the catering, one is supplying drivers; so and so forth.

Given the success that these corporate support service brands have enjoyed, its a question why these B2B services cant be replicated for consumer market.

We are all struggling when it comes to support services in our daily household routines. And that is no thanks to the hectic lifestyle we are adopting. But the quality of the sporadic support we get is very unreliable and poor. The housemaids are leaving every 3 months. The drivers are involved in car and oil theft. Given the scenario, wouldnt it be great if one brand can come up with a solution for all sorts of home based support services?

No more standing in line for paying bills. No more late evening shopping after an exhausting office day. No more day care bills for baby maintenance. No more worries about driver stealing car parts. The trusthworthiness of these support service brands can take care of all these worries and meet the demand of a desperate market.

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