Marketing Idea No. 161 – The Anti-Facebook Positioning

Thanks to the overencampassing nature of Facebook, brands now can position themselves as the “giving you the opposite of Facebook” kind.

While on the surface, Facebook seems tailor made for staying close to everyone, what it really does is cocoons you inside your comfort zone. When you can share gossip with 10 people thorugh wall posting and messaging, it takes away from the time you used to have for your two best friends with whom you used to share the gossips face to face in campus. When Facebook replaces face to face interaction or becomes synonimous with “staying in touch”, you know why some people are saying technology is actually pulling us apart, when what its supposed to do is the exact opposite.

Thats where the Coffee Worlds, the entertainment zones, the movie theaters, the theme parks can take advantage. They can clearly position themselves as the opposite of Facebook and bring back the magic. They can say that while its ok to keep in touch with your distant relatives and friends thrugh Facebook, your close buddies demand a day out from you.

People have a innate fear of being all alone in a tech-dominates world, where nothing seems real. By taking this kind of positioning, these companies can tap into that fear and give people the assurance of real face to face interaction.



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