Marketing idea No. 171 – MTV Splitsvilla and the art of adjustments

Its a crazy world and none knows it better than the marketers who launch new products everyday. Despite tons of research and that weird little word called gut feel, many new products simply dont click.

For those who often wondered how to salvage a sinking ship midway through its voyage, MTV Splitsvilla last night showed how to conduct a master-stroke.

MTV Splitsvilla is a new reality show where 20 girls fight for the lust-interest of two guys. By airing this show MTV India has already pushed the controversy button a bit too far. Going against all conventional wisdom, they launched this sex-heavy show in a still traditional country. But unfortunately, MTV Splitsvilla didnt prove to be the rating busting super show to follow up the success of MTV Roadies. But that all may change with a grand stroke.

1. First of all by bringing Raghu Ram from MTV Roadies, the producers gave the show much required Roadies endorsement an hence attracted some additional viewers who watched Roadies but are not hooked into Splitsvilla. They wanted more controversy. They wanted the bitching and politics of Roadies. And hence Raghu. And he… obliged.

2. By introducing a new twist like girls now being able to choose the final guy, the producers are trying to attract the female viewers, not only the male viewers who are watching it for….surprise, surprise…the women. And also, by doing this they are trying to overcome the “chauvinistic” tag thats latched on to the show.  

MTV Splitsvilla is a good example of how once in a while you can take a blind leap of faith. Because, even if it doesnt work the way you like it the first time, you may make some changes along the way to adjust. And adjust according to customer taste is the name of the game.

Marketing Idea No. 170 – How to write customer friendly product labels

Our obsession with jargons mean that we always try to communicate through our kind of language, not the kind that customers would understand. Who should blame us? After all, 4 years of business school ensures that we are conversant with just about every essential management jargons. And its reflections are everywhere. Even in the product labels.

Here’s a thought. Why does labels always say “Manfucatured on X / X / XX” or “Expiry date X / X / XX”? Wouldnt it soun nicer if it said “Enjoy by X / X / XX” instead of expiry date X / X / XX? Wouldnt it seem more customer friendly if we said “Made for your enjoyment on”, instead of “Manufactured on”?

But somehow we are fixated on the technicalities and stiff management language, never focused on the customer benefit but always focused on the product feature.

Marketing Idea No. 169 – How to grow an online business

Online communication in Bangladesh has always been an add-on, an after thought. With an Internet penetration below 5%, thats of course what its fate would be.

In the given scenario, what can Online businesses do to grow?

Taking the 360 degree communication true to heart, the best way for Online businesses to grow would be to have an offline presence as well.

Its quite logical actually. Offline businesses have gone online to cater to the online community and increase its overall brand presence. In the same way, online businesses can have offline presence, i.e. corporate offices, retail shops, service centers etc., to increase its overall brand presence. 

Marketing Idea No. 168 – Why you should never do a teaser campaign

Remember Digen Barma? He was the peer certified cool dude, who created so much hype back in the 90s as a mysterious character. Then after so much teasing when it was revealed that Digen Barma is none other than a fictitious character created to promote Frooty, everyone felt cheated. This???!!! After so much hype…its all about Frooty fruit juice? 

Remember Silky Kumar? The same fate. Everyone was overhyped about this funky, goofy character and his weird comments.  Then it was revealed that all this teasing was done by Axe.

Today, none can put a price tag on hype and buzz. Its essential to build a brand, to break the clutter. But when its time to tease the market though creating buzz without revealing the brand, few things must be kept in mind.

1. Its one thing creating the buzz. Its another to deliver something for the customer to meet the expectation. Both are equally important. Teasing increases expectation manifold. So be 200% sure on your product delivery before launching a teaser campaign.

2. Historically, teaser campaigns must lead to a fantastic product launch. You cant just tease the market and launch a great corporate campaign or a funny looking advertisement. Then the customers will ask “Is this what you were trying to sell me all this time? An advertisement?

So tease me. But beware of the consequenses.