Marketing Idea No. 199 – Seating Arrangements: Not Checked

Brand gurus have been at it for years now: every little details of your brand interaction matters. Hence we put on the fake smile for our customers during service experience. Meticulous analysis goes on to the CEOs speech for the special event. Agency creatives are on high alert over the designs of that event. Employees are asked to put on their Sunday best and be in their best behavior. I guess we are finally coming to terms with the whole 360 degree thingy.

Well not quite.

Here’s something so trivial, that it slips below the radar all the time.

Have you looked into the seating arrangement?

The seating arrangement of your event speaks volumes about your event. If not anything, it tells the customers whether in your eyes all your customers are same…or do you discriminate. It shows how much you really care about the actual experience of your customers. It tells customers whether your event is any different from the tens and hundreds of events that they have attended this year. It tells customers whether you consider others as “Media”, “Corporate Guests” and “VIP”s or just plain and simply as human beings.

With so much at stake, you should get down from your high horse and start RE-arranging those chairs.



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