Marketing Idea No. 210 – Learn it from Shahrukh

How much is a true brand ambassador worth?

A lot actually, if someone like King Shahrukh Khan is what we are talking about.

The beauty of a good brand ambassador is he himself can win battles for you. The vice versa is of course always possible. Just ask those who endorsed Micheal Phelps just before his bong incident or Mike Tyson before he went on in his infamous ear biting rampage.

But lets focus on the good stuff. Even better, lets focus on what Shahrukh the brand ambassador has done.

1. When ITC was planning to launch Sunfeast in India in a market already dominated by Parle and Britannia, its the Shahrukh magic that made place for Sunfeast. In fact even though, Parle roped in Hrithik later on for its “Hide & Seek” line, it didnt work. Parle continued to lose share.

2. Its Sharukh Khan who was behind the turnaround of Compaq in India with the clever line “computer is personal again”. Lenovo brought in Saif Ali khan. Hrithik again was called in for Acer. But there is always going to be one winner in that battle.

3. Who was behind making an otherwise ordinary domestic cricket league called IPL into a money making bonanza? Its Shahrukh Khan and KKR. Infact, according to latest financial information, Kolkata Knight Riders are the most profitable franchise in IPL, despite not going through to semi-finals of any of the 2 IPL sessions.

4. When people thought Amitabh Bacchan cannot be replaced, who stepped into the shoes of Don and turned a film into a PR campaign success?   King khan of course. Again. 

There is so much a good brand ambassador can do for your brand. Ask Shahrukh. He can tell.