Everyday, we have millions of thoughts. Each has the power to change the world. But each dies a fast electronic death inside our brain neurons somewhere, never seeing the promise of daylight.

Believing that a simple thought is still powerful enough to move the world, this site dedicates itself to just that – the power of ideas. Only, we focus on a certain kind of ideas & thoughts, one that revolves around Brand Marketing, Psychology, Economics (In short everything that is hip and exciting on this side of Uranus).

A lot of mediocrity is vomited out everyday in this world of Brand building, Marketing, Popular psychology, Economics where you probably have to filter through a pile of bullshit to dig out that one big game changing idea. This site works as that filter, so that you can get the gem without getting your sleeves dirty by rummaging through the shit.

“The Longest Marketing Idea Chain” is a free information, resource and idea site where completely original and often counter intuitive thinking is created and published for businesses and students all over the world.

If you have any query or feedback, please e-mail to shammoislost@gmail.com.

Wishing you happy thinking!



  1. Whoever thought brand building is a luxury, eat your heart out! Building an effective brand is the best and only line of defense you have againt competition. PERIOD.

    And this site is all about that – tips on brand building.

    This site is a free information, resource and idea site for Bangladeshi business and students. Here original and published thinking from all across the world is selected, filtered and customized for local people. If you have any query or feedback, please e-mail to shammoislost@gmail.com.

    Wishing you a happy branding experience!

  2. Is “Branding 2.0” a brand new brand (concept)? Well I guess, our smart web based feedback form will pass question directly to you. Await for your reply. I hope from the next time I will in touch of the “Longest Marketing Idea Chain” to make it the STRONGEST and FLEXIBLE.

  3. Hi,
    I see this web address in bdjobs. And I am only said that woo….
    I am MBA student, and completing my internee in eastern Bank Brand department.
    At the same time I am Marketing Student…
    Thats’ why, all time dream this type of site. I like Branding and I believe this.
    At last thanks to make this type of site.

  4. Hye I am Debasish, Brand Manager, Olympic Industries Ltd. I strongly feel that brand managers should have a forum like this. But I think this brand based blog needs some branding acyivities. Hope the creators want the site to be popular and become a big brand as it has potentiality to be so.


  5. This is Parvez, from Zon Ron. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop on Brand bulilding techniques and resource person was Mr. Shahriar. I feel like fist time in my life I saw a ‘Brand Manager’ standing infront of me, talking like Brand Manager, laughing like Brand Manager and the Blog made by a Brand Manager. He is my Spider Man. Take my salam for this holy initiative. Keep going.

  6. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for something on Google (what I was searching for really escapes my memory right now); and found your blog posts really worth reading. More than the content, the manner in which you present your case appeals to me more. Don’t get me wrong, your content is absolutely top-notch too.

    Do I have permission to add your blog link to my blogroll?

    Thank you.

  7. Hello,
    I work as a brand consultant for Bangladesh Brand Forum,i have come accross this blog and was really curious to see how in bangladesh we are really focusing on brand building. i personally believe its the corporates responsibilty as well ours as an educated peers group of that same fatternity to understand, work on establising the brand awareness. To create such loyalty we must understand the core value of each category/brand. Good to see people are participating in such terrain of business where profit is not the only motive makes me feel we are alone.Keep up the good work. and thank you Mr. Shahriar Amin for your helpful Insight.

  8. In this constantly changing business environment which is also extremly competitive we marketing people have to furnish ourself.I am a marketing executive working for an advertising firm named thirdeye communication.I found this blog is creating unique opportunities by sharing its scarce resources.This is also a great addition which is facilating us to raise our skills.Lastly it gives one the confidence in the power of one’s own ideas.Thanks to Mr.Shahriar Amin to give us this inspiration.

  9. Wow!Its really a pleasure for me to join in this blog. Though i work in marketing dept of a reputed local company but i always feel that i need to know more about THE MARKETING.Thanx to Mr.Shahriar Amin to make such kind of blog. It really has tremendous new ideas which surely help me to know more about the marketing concept & also help me to get more ideas.I wish this blog a very long live;


  10. Hello, This is Md. Mehedi Bin Islam, Manager-Marketing,Mist-Media Management Organization as well as Owner & CEO of Aarshee Communication. You can easily make this site as a marketing group. Everybody can get help from this site. I believe this will be a great step…..

  11. Wow, It’s a great pleasure to write here. At least Mr. Shahriar Amin will read this. Great initiative. Keep it up. I think it could be the best resource for Marketing people who want to learn. Thanks again to Mr. Shahriar Amin. __ Rahat, Consumer Business, PBTL.(Citycell).

  12. nice to c this stuff for BRANDING. yep!! we are lagging behind from BRANDING perspective , coz we still believe that marketing means ADVERTISING. But Branding is the wing that can let you to go extra mile for marketing your product.

    Hope that fols will participate here to share thier thoughts and ideas in an innovative manner

    An Independant Consultant

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