Marketing Idea No. 90 – Brand applications, facebook style

A few months ago I have talked how brand managers can integrate facebook as an extension of their 360 degree brand experience. As it turns out, some brands found out even more ingenious ways to do it. Smart trend-watchers found out that external parties can develop applications for Facebook. And that’s the path they took – developing brand based applications. Here’s a recap of some of the most innovative applications and the brands that adopted them  

  1. Energy drink Red Bull has its own version of the rock-paper-scissors game and has 7,800 daily active users.
  2. Travel portal Trip Advisor has an application where members can mark out the cities they have visited around the world.
  3. Quasar Media, the digital agency of Smile Interactive Technologies Group is developing an application for Zoomtra, a travel fare search engine where members will be able to check out fares instantly.
  4. is providing video content through an innovative application
  5. Tribal DDB India is recruiting people through Facebook applications

Marketing Idea No. 89 – Things to do in gas stations in a long line

This idea is contributed by Sadique Salim 


One thing you can count on when you are going to load gas in any gas station in the country is a long line. Blame it on lack of CNG stations, blame it on the increasing number of four-wheelers, but its a reality that many dread and all live with.

But we can turn this dreadful situation into an opportunistic one. If we cant add more gas stations, can we add more activity in this stations so that whenever we go for gas we can make some effective utilization of time?

Its not a new concept. CLUB HP and other different gas and oil stations have successfully merged something as dreary as taking gas into an experience. We can follow suit.

Just think of the number of things you can do in a gas station. It can have a news stand, a snack corner, a music corner just to start with. How about a video games corner? How about a boutique? How about a small massage parlor? Well maybe I am getting way ahead…but this can be a reality.

What is sorely needed is some brand to recognize the opportunity and tie up with existing gas stations.

Marketing Idea No. 88 – How to be the best in the world

What does it take to be the best in the world? According to the new ground breaking book by Seth Godin called “The Dip”, every one of us can be the best in the world in whatever ways we like. And to ensure our journey to the top of the world, we need to avoid the following mistakes.

According to him, there are 7 reasons why we cant be the best in the world.

1. We run out of time (and quit).
2. We run out of money (and quit).
3. We get scared (and quit).
4. We’re not serious about it (and quit).
5. We lose interest or enthusiasm or settle for being mediocre (and quit).
6. We focus on the short term instead of the long (and quit when the short term gets too hard).
7. We pick the wrong thing at which to be the best in the world (because you don’t have the talent).

According to Seth Godin, the formula for being the world’s best is simple,

“Quit the dead ends and invest resources in your chosen path”.

Practice branding for 10 years before you become the best brand person in the world.

Write one poem everyday for 10 years before you become the best in the world.

Stop hanging around with your friends and invest time in becoming the best student in your sector.

One cannot be best at everything. One can only be best at something. The trick lies in finding that and sticking to that.

Inspired by the writings of Seth Godin

Marketing Idea No. 87 – Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Bangladesh is in the middle of a OOH (Out of Home) industry boom, as we see a lot billboards springing up here and there everyday. Of course its doing wonders for the advertising industry as a whole, its also presenting options for some new industry to grow. One of them might be – surprise, surprise – hand bags!!

Recycling might bring up great opportunties. GG2G is such a global company that made fashionable bags from recycled billboard vinyls. As we know that after one billboard skin is replaced by another, that vinyl goes to total waste. Instead of doing that our excellent leather manufacturers / exporters can use this vinyl to make hand bags.

For details on this, go to

Marketing Idea No. 86 – Happy Birthday to customers

One of the biggest problems of database marketing and cutomer relations management (CRM) is not gathering sufficient information – but what to do next with that customer information.

The most effective player in the field has been British American Tobacco in Bangladesh. Forced to hide in below the line activities, BATB has proved that with genuine focus to details, database and direct marketing can be a very potent weapon.

But lets not go to the details and technicality. Today’s proposition is simple – do you know your customers birthday? If yes, wish him. If no, get that information.

In the era of break-neck speed and hectic schedules, we are multi-tasking to the point of breaking ourselves. That is why when someone cares enough to remember our birthday and wishes us, it touches all the right spots in our heart. Thats why its a sure fire solution to get a warm place inside customers heart – just wish him on his birthday.

The process should be simple enough. Almost all customers have to fill some amount of registration or membership form to get services. Collect the date of birth from that form, put it a good application / software and just query out the customers whose birthday is appearing.

Marketing Idea No. 85 – Different logo for different seasons

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 

If the product can be customized for different target, can the logo be customized for different occasions and purposes? The brand managers of the world might have an heart attack, but we should.

The holy grail of branding has long been the logo. Every brand have one. Every brand logo have a meaning. And every brand manager have a finicky tendency of maintaining the appropriateness of their logo.

But its overstated. The logo might have meaning – but the customer couldnt care less what hidden insight runs in the lines, circles and stripes. In the same way, logos can change its shape, dynamism by keeping in tact its soul and essence.

The king of this trend is Google. See how frequently Google redecorates its logo in every occasion – in Christmas, Halloween etc. Just enter the Google main page in any occasion ….they wont disappoint you.

By showing a grand display of guts, our local brands can do the same. We may have a festive look for our Arong brand logo during Eid. Or for that matter any other brand – Otobi, Boomers etc. The trick is to find out what is the constant part of your logo and customize the rest of the logo to integrate the occasion into it.

Marketing Idea No. 84 – 7 latest consumer lifestyle trends in ’07

Trend 1

Consumers are seeing their home as a “sanctuary” where they can run and take shelter from the big, bad world from time to time, rather than a place of “aspiration” and “decorative lifestyle”

Trend 2

Trust will be the biggest deciding factor in brand success where the big winners will be the megabrands ( which customers will seek out to ensure stability) and microbrands (which customers will seek out for personal touch). The in-between brands will lose out.

Trend 3

Single life is chic and trendy – no longer a sign of doom, gloom and loneliness

Trend 4

A new group of customer called “confessional consumer” are taking charge. These consumers are aware of environmental issues, buy organic stuff but still drive SUV, and enjoy all the sinful blessings of consumption culture. This is confessional consumption with added guilt.

Trend 5

People are tired of juggling different priorities. The era of multitasking is out and monotasking is in, as people are looking for better control in life by pushing the “pause” button from time to time

Trend 6

The big drivers of new economy will be the women. That is why the brand values of all future brands might portray more feminine qualities like – listening, caring etc.

Trend 7

Old myths are being taken out (like “the younger you are, more beautiful you are”). It is being replaced by new myths (“Keeping it real and honest is all that counts”)

Inspired partially by Gettyimages MAP report.