Marketing Idea No. 170 – How to write customer friendly product labels

Our obsession with jargons mean that we always try to communicate through our kind of language, not the kind that customers would understand. Who should blame us? After all, 4 years of business school ensures that we are conversant with just about every essential management jargons. And its reflections are everywhere. Even in the product labels.

Here’s a thought. Why does labels always say “Manfucatured on X / X / XX” or “Expiry date X / X / XX”? Wouldnt it soun nicer if it said “Enjoy by X / X / XX” instead of expiry date X / X / XX? Wouldnt it seem more customer friendly if we said “Made for your enjoyment on”, instead of “Manufactured on”?

But somehow we are fixated on the technicalities and stiff management language, never focused on the customer benefit but always focused on the product feature.

Marketing Idea No. 169 – How to grow an online business

Online communication in Bangladesh has always been an add-on, an after thought. With an Internet penetration below 5%, thats of course what its fate would be.

In the given scenario, what can Online businesses do to grow?

Taking the 360 degree communication true to heart, the best way for Online businesses to grow would be to have an offline presence as well.

Its quite logical actually. Offline businesses have gone online to cater to the online community and increase its overall brand presence. In the same way, online businesses can have offline presence, i.e. corporate offices, retail shops, service centers etc., to increase its overall brand presence. 

Marketing Idea No. 168 – Why you should never do a teaser campaign

Remember Digen Barma? He was the peer certified cool dude, who created so much hype back in the 90s as a mysterious character. Then after so much teasing when it was revealed that Digen Barma is none other than a fictitious character created to promote Frooty, everyone felt cheated. This???!!! After so much hype…its all about Frooty fruit juice? 

Remember Silky Kumar? The same fate. Everyone was overhyped about this funky, goofy character and his weird comments.  Then it was revealed that all this teasing was done by Axe.

Today, none can put a price tag on hype and buzz. Its essential to build a brand, to break the clutter. But when its time to tease the market though creating buzz without revealing the brand, few things must be kept in mind.

1. Its one thing creating the buzz. Its another to deliver something for the customer to meet the expectation. Both are equally important. Teasing increases expectation manifold. So be 200% sure on your product delivery before launching a teaser campaign.

2. Historically, teaser campaigns must lead to a fantastic product launch. You cant just tease the market and launch a great corporate campaign or a funny looking advertisement. Then the customers will ask “Is this what you were trying to sell me all this time? An advertisement?

So tease me. But beware of the consequenses.


Marketing Idea No. 167 – A holiday resort with an attitude

Country in recent times have seen a boom in hospitality services. A lot of resorts have sprung up in the last couple of years all providing quality and friendly services.  And as more and more people take Thomas Hardy’s learning to heart and arrange for a temporary escapade far away from the maddening crowd, its a safe bet to assume that there will be plenty more resorts to be set up in near future.

What will be a risky bet, is to assume that any of these resorts will look any different from the existing ones or offer anything different in service, ambience, food, experience…anything.

But thats pretty amazing because if half the city dwellers go to holiday resorts to relux and have a quiet time, half of them would want to go to chill, to have a blast, to do something new, to take a break from boring urban lifestyle.

Thats why more and more theme based resorts can open up in different places. These resorts can offer an experience. It can be anything starting from extreme sports to adibashi theme to horror. But what it will do is offer something new and thus attract a new pool of customers.

Marketing Idea No. 166 – How to tell a story through packaging

Brand Marketing and Comunication, in its simplest form, is all about storytelling. When we are engaging an audience to watch a 30 second commercial, we are rewarding him by entertaining him for 30 seconds. When we are asking him to go through a print communication, we are telling him an intriguing story.

The line between advertisement and other forms of entertainment is slowly blurring. At what point does it stop being an advertisment and starts being a drama or a short film? At such an interesting juncture, its sad to see one element of the marketing mix is not getting the due attention that is should. I am referring towards packaging.

Simply stated, packaging is used as a medium which is often the last frontier for the astute marketer. Thereby, the sole purpose of packaging, till date, is occupying shelf space, grab attention and make the sale in the point of truth by providing information. But just like TV and print, packaging should also tell a story. Just like all other medium that’s transforming into a storytelling, entertaining medium, packaging should also make that transition. It should not be just a straightforward information-dominant, one dimentional medium.

Only then packaging can play a role not only in making a sell, but also as a brand building tool. The most effective player who made this kind of transitions are the breakfast cereal makers. Check them out to see brand building / storytelling at work.

Marketing Idea No. 165 – Introducing Support Group services like relationship counselling etc.

It was always staring right into my face, but when a close associate asked me the question only then i really noticed.

Why does so many people give such detailed, personal and emotionally revealing status in Facebook? 

The answer is simple. In an increasingly impersonal world, people have a stronger than ever desire of connecting and bonding with people. In a world where very few people ask their neighbours how they are today, people have an almost burning need of telling whats in their heart and mind.

With such unplanned urbanization of our mind, support group services can be really helpful in our country. While there are so many growing health care services to take care of our physical health, there are scarce few, if any, that can take care of our mental health. Its true that support group services like Alcoholic Anonymous and Attention Deficit Disorder Anonymous are not really in need in our country, but how about relationship support? How about divorce support groups? Overeating? Old age bonding?

While support groups are a less extreme form of counselling, its true effect lies in making people feel they are not alone suffering in the concrete jungle. And if anyone has ever really felt like that, he or she will know how important that is to a suffering person. 

Marketing Idea No. 164 – What good marketers know

Written by Seth Godin

What Every Good Marketer Knows:

  • Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.
  • Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.
  • Your best customers are worth far more than your average customers.
  • Share of wallet is easier, more profitable and ultimately more effective a measure than share of market.
  • Marketing begins before the product is created.
  • Advertising is just a symptom, a tactic. Marketing is about far more than that.
  • Low price is a great way to sell a commodity. That’s not marketing, though, that’s efficiency.
  • Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.
  • Products that are remarkable get talked about.
  • Marketing is the way your people answer the phone, the typesetting on your bills and your returns policy.
  • You can’t fool all the people, not even most of the time. And people, once unfooled, talk about the experience.
  • If you are marketing from a fairly static annual budget, you’re viewing marketing as an expense. Good marketers realize that it is an investment.
  • People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.
  • You’re not in charge. And your prospects don’t care about you.
  • What people want is the extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.
  • Business to business marketing is just marketing to consumers who happen to have a corporation to pay for what they buy.
  • Traditional ways of interrupting consumers (TV ads, trade show booths, junk mail) are losing their cost-effectiveness. At the same time, new ways of spreading ideas (blogs, permission-based RSS information, consumer fan clubs) are quickly proving how well they work.
  • People all over the world, and of every income level, respond to marketing that promises and delivers basic human wants.
  • Good marketers tell a story.
  • People are selfish, lazy, uninformed and impatient. Start with that and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.
  • Marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice.
  • Effective stories match the worldview of the people you are telling the story to.
  • Choose your customers. Fire the ones that hurt your ability to deliver the right story to the others.
  • A product for everyone rarely reaches much of anyone.
  • Living and breathing an authentic story is the best way to survive in an conversation-rich world.
  • Marketers are responsible for the side effects their products cause.
  • Reminding the consumer of a story they know and trust is a powerful shortcut.
  • Good marketers measure.
  • Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done.
  • One disappointed customer is worth ten delighted ones.
  • In the googleworld, the best in the world wins more often, and wins more.
  • Most marketers create good enough and then quit. Greatest beats good enough every time.
  • There are more rich people than ever before, and they demand to be treated differently.
  • Organizations that manage to deal directly with their end users have an asset for the future.
  • You can game the social media in the short run, but not for long.
  • You market when you hire and when you fire. You market when you call tech support and you market every time you send a memo.
  • Blogging makes you a better marketer because it teaches you humility in your writing.

Obviously, knowing what to do is very, very different than actually doing it.

Marketing Idea No. 163 – How to play along during load- shedding

Dhaka has officially transformed from the city of mosques to the city of rickshaws to the city of load shedding. The dwellers of the dark city has forever accepted the fact that just like 2 hours of their lives that they are losing to traffic jam everyday, another additional two hours will be gone in darkness…..waiting for the light to be turned on.

But accepting the fate does not deny us from properly utilizing it. While taking a walk in the streets in the midst of power outage is never a good idea due to security concerns, one can always stay inside house and enjoy the flip-side of darkness.

Come again? Flip-side of Load-shedding?

If you are one of those who were always complaining about the hectic pace of urban life, here are a couple of hours for you to slow down, and do something else, something you probably wont think about doing when the lights are on. Thats why, if properly marketed, i think there is a big opportunity for any local board game brands to move in and make some money.

Traditionally, we are not big in board games. Let alone the likes of Monopoly, we havent even developed a proper branded game that can help us pass some quality time with friends and loved ones. Ludu has always been the favorite one, but lost its flavor among the urban audience.

Thats why any new local board game brand can now move in and position themselves as the perfect passtime solution during load shedding. Reading books is out, watching TV is out of the question, IPS is expensive, going out is risky. What remains is spending 1 hour of quality close time with your family members playing any local board game. Good solution for a not so great problem – what to do during a load shedding?

Marketing Idea No. 162 – Take a break

When your bottom line is hurting and your all important performance culture is crumbling in the face of slack employee behaviors….have you ever thought of taking a break?


Probably not. When the heat is on, most people tend to react by over stretching, putting in more shifts, tripling office time and everything else that comes with it. But in almost all the cases, when a company is in trouble….its in trouble because of its employees. And when the performance is slacking, the reason may not be employee’s lack of good intention, but simply a lack of proper de-tox time. And also before going gung-ho on the next big organizational project, everyone needs to have a cooling off period. Everyone needs a time off. A vacation.


So next time when you are thinking about increasing your organizational performance, just check whether your employees are vacationing properly.