Marketing Idea No. 157 – How to market media

In the last few years, a lot has happened in the media arena. Number of newspapers and TV channels have multiplied, radio has emerged as the up and coming media, advertising spending has gone up to 10 times in the last 10 years.

While the quantity has surely increased, did all these channels found out a place in customers heart?

The answer, with all justification, is no. And that comes down to one big, glaring problem of media. While the media channels have done a lot to position other consumer brands through mass media advertising, the media itself has done little to position themselves in the mind of the viewer.

There are more than 10 daily newspapers in the country. Apart from the all-encompassing nature of Prothom Alo, does any of the other newspapers stand out? Why should people choose Samakal in place of Jugantor? Why should people listen to Radio Amar in place of Radio Foorty? Why should people watch Channel 1 instead of Channel I?

Unfortunately, there is no answer for any of these. But all the channels and papers can effectively position themselves in a unique space. Daily Star can position themselves as the “Business paper for executives”. Radio Amar can position themselves as a more entertaining alternative to Bangladesh Betar by catering to small town people.

Right now all newspapers are trying to position themselves as “neutral, pro-people” daily. All TV channles are trying to be patriotic and all Radio channels are trying to be youth–focused. As all are vying to for the same position, only some will win. The rest will fall, unless they can find a unique position for themselves based on concrete positioning and solid differentiation.